The Extremadura Film Commission is a regional office within the Cinema and Audiovisual Area of the Extremeña Culture Foundation and Extremadura Regional Government Department of Culture and Equality.

It is also supported by the Provincial Councils of  Caceres and Badajoz, as well as that of Extremadura Avante and the Extremadura Filmoteca.

As a filming office, the aim of the Extremadura Film Commission is to inform, assess and help audiovisual sector professionals and businesses who want to shoot in any part of Extremadura.

EFC acts liaising and mediating with companies, state offices and institutions which are, or could be, somehow involved in the process of cinematographic creation, in order to guarantee the smooth running of the project.

The Extremeña Culture Foundation

belongs to the regional public sector and is affiliated to the Extremadura Regional Government Department of Culture and Equality.

The Foundation has two objectives


On one side it assesses and supports all those physical or legal entities and individuals who carry out any cultural activity, so as ensure the project is efficiently managed in the best possible way and in accordance with the relevant regulations. 


Its other role is to globally diffuse and promote any cultural act either produced in Extremadura or associated to it.

Among its goals are the promotion, advancement and development of the Extremadura audiovisual and cinematographic sector, as well as the promotion and diffusion of regional values and resources in the production of projects through the filming offices of the Extremadura Film Commission.

Extremadura Film Commission

A non-profit initiative for the promotion of film and audiovisuals.

EFC offers the following services for free:

Facilitate and streamline the procedures associated with the process of production within the audiovisual sector.

Act as direct representatives between producers and local authorities at provincial or regional level.

Give advice and information on aspects related to financing sources available in the Autonomous Region of Extremadura.

Enable contact and act as intermediary between different federations and associations.

Provide information and assessment in the search for locations.

Provide logistical support, such as travel, accommodation, catering and other auxiliary services necessary for the starting up of filming in the region.

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